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Why You Should Grill or Smoke Mushrooms Now



It’s National Mushroom Month! And no better time to put fabulous fungi front and center on your smoker or grill.

Because if ever there was a vegetable for live fire, it’s the mushroom. The spongy texture absorbs marinades, bases, and smoke flavor. Depending on the variety, it can be steak-like (think portobellos), oyster-like (think oyster mushrooms), or OMG swoony, like truffles or morels.

While most Americans consume four pounds of mushrooms per person per year according to the Mushroom Council, 98 percent are the familiar supermarket varieties—button mushrooms, criminis, and portobellos. (They are the same varietal, just harvested at different times. For more, including how resourceful Quakers in Pennsylvania started the $1-billion mushroom industry in the U.S., check out our guide to grilling mushrooms. There are actually 10,000 varieties of edible mushrooms in the world.

And most of them are umami-rich and beautifully suited to the grill, as viewers of Project Fire, Season 3, discovered when Steven opened his first “Mystery Box.” It contained an array of gorgeous wild mushrooms, including beech mushrooms, the descriptively named hen-of-the-woods, and others. Executive Chef Chris Lynch, food stylist Nora Singley, and myself expected Steven to prepare one dish featuring this singular ingredient. But no. Steven, a serial overachiever (did you know he’s a Rhodes Scholar?) produced four sensational mushroom-based recipes for the camera! We knew right then we’d have to be a little cagier when it came to the Mystery Boxes. Check out the episode below!

Beloved by vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores alike, grilled mushrooms are meaty and satisfying. Just wipe clean with a damp paper towel, then trim about 1/4 inch off the stem. (If using shiitakes, remove the stem entirely as it is tough and unpleasant to eat.) Brush or toss with extra virgin olive oil, then season with salt and pepper or your favorite rub. Grill smaller mushrooms or clusters of mushrooms in a grill basket, or if using larger mushrooms, like king mushrooms or portobellos, grill them directly on the grill grate. Toss with fresh chopped herbs, if desired, before serving.

This giant puffball mushroom, which I found in my yard last September, was so big that I was able to cut it into “steaks.” My family and I enjoyed several great meals thanks to it and its five “siblings.”

Rich in vitamins (like D, which is unusual in vegetables) and antioxidants, mushrooms are incredibly versatile. They pair especially well with bacon, pancetta, and other cured meats.

Below are some of our favorite mushroom-centric recipes:

Mushroom Recipes to Grill or Smoke

  • Tapas Bar-Style Mushrooms
  • Pan-Roasted Oyster Mushrooms with Coconut Milk and Mint
  • Grilled Beech Mushrooms with Sesame Soy Butter
  • King Trumpet Mushroom Poppers

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Grilling Tips

Smoked Pork Loin Glaze



A smoked pork loin is a tender piece of pork that tastes amazing when served with a maple glaze. To make the glaze, combine half a cup of maple syrup with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Heat the mixture over medium heat until the alcohol is reduced to about half. Brush the pork tenderloin with the glaze about every 10 minutes or so. Smoke the loin for approximately 4 1/2 to 5 hours. While the pork tenderloin cooks, adjust the smoker temperature to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and continue to glaze the meat every ten minutes or so.

For a delicious smoked pork loin, you can marinate the meat in the morning or overnight. Make sure that the marinade completely covers the meat. It will also help the seasoning stick better to the pork. The marinade is made from brown sugar and apple juice. A pinch of Dijon mustard is also useful for helping the seasoning stick to the pork. For an extra rich glaze, marinate the pork loin for at least an hour before grilling.

To use the smoked berries, you can slice them and drizzle them over the pork. It is best to smoke the pork for about 45 minutes at a time and monitor the internal temperature with a wireless thermometer or remote probe. Thermoworks Smoke Unit is one of the thermometers that has Bluetooth compatibility. Smoked pork is different from baby back ribs and other smoked meats because of its low smoke content. It is best to cook it slow and indirect to avoid burning the glaze.

To create a perfect smoked pork loin, you must first select a meat with a lower fat content. Pork loins are naturally tender and can be prepared using a smoking process. Smoked pork loins can be cooked for approximately three hours, depending on its size. When preparing for a party, a third-pound roast is best. If the pork is for a large gathering, consider buying a larger roast.

To prepare a smoked pork loin glaze, begin by cutting the pork loin lengthwise. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of whiskey inside the roast. Leave it marinating for about five minutes. Sprinkle another third of the rub on top. Sprinkle on mustard and brown sugar, and sprinkle the remaining 2 tablespoons of whiskey. Finally, spread the remaining rub over the outside of the roast. This process is repeated several times for as many times as necessary. Lastly, the pork loin can be served cold, topped with gravy or served as finger food.

Preparing a pork loin for smoking is easy and inexpensive. Unlike braising, smoking allows for a nice crust and a moist meat. Brining the roast is optional, and adds time to the cooking process and doesn't improve the texture. Once the pork is ready to cook, place it in the smoker for a minimum of four hours. No matter what type of smoker you have, the steps are the same.

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The Best Grilling Tips For Summer



Summer is the time to start planning your next cookout. The weather is getting warmer, the sun is setting later, and the grill is ready for the action! Use these grilling tips to improve your cooking skills! Using the correct tools and techniques is important for a successful cookout. Listed below are some basic tips to follow when grilling. We hope these tips help you enjoy your next cookout! Read on for more. We also provide some additional information to help you prepare your food safely.

Keep the temperature of your grill at a safe temperature. Never use water on a hot grill to put food on. Water will make the fire grow. Covering the grill will cut off the oxygen to the fire, killing it and preventing it from spreading. If you're grilling for a large group, you'll want to follow these tips to make sure your food comes out perfectly. You can even use these tips when you're cooking for a small group.

To get an even cooked meal, you must ensure efficient air circulation. It is vital that the meat does not touch the sides, back, or underside of the lid. Moreover, you should use a two-zone grill, which uses two zones for cooking. The high zone is directly over the flames. The second zone is used as a safety zone. By doing this, you'll be able to achieve a consistent and delicious result.

Before you start grilling, make sure that you read the manuals. This will help you use your grill safely. In addition, make sure that you have adequate gas and charcoal for your grill. And don't forget to keep your hands cool by keeping your hands dry. The right tools can help you grill tasty food without causing any damage. The grill rack is also a great place to keep your utensils clean. You should also be prepared for a mess, so don't use plastic utensils.

Aside from meat, vegetables can also be grilled. Avoid using direct heat on vegetables and avoid overheating the grill with lighter fluid. Ensure that your grill is warm before using it. Once it has reached the right temperature, the grill should be ready for the food you want to cook. There are many tips to help you get the perfect taste from your food. If you're new to grilling, you should follow the guidelines given below.

While grilling, you should check the temperature. It's important to keep the temperature between two and four degrees Celsius. The temperature should be consistent throughout. It should be hotter at the end than the beginning. When you are grilling, you should take into account whether your meat is cooked through direct or indirect heat. If it is, you should leave it to rest after cooking. You shouldn't use too much liquid on your food, as it will lead to burnt food.

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Easy Summer Grilling Ideas



If you're a fan of grilling, you've probably been on a mission to find the best summer grilling recipes. After all, you can't go wrong with grilled chicken, burgers or fish. If you're not sure where to start, here are some suggestions for your next cooking session. These recipes are sure to make your grilling experience a memorable one. They'll also save you from the hassle of cleaning up afterward.

For a burger party, why not try one of these delicious homemade burgers? The key to a great burger is to use fresh ingredients. You can buy pre-made hamburger buns or purchase a pack of frozen ones. In addition to grilled chicken, you can try other delicious meats, such as pork, and veggies. While you may be thinking about how to dress up your burger, you should start by gathering the essential ingredients. These basic ingredients can be stocked in the refrigerator in advance.

For a delicious and healthy burger, grill bone-in chicken thighs over a low heat. Season with Alabama white sauce for extra flavor. It's great on chicken, pork, fish, and vegetables. For a quick and easy side dish, you can bake a skillet of garlic pull-apart rolls. To keep things light, make homemade hamburger buns with herbs and garlic. Serve ratatouille salad on the side for a fresh twist on a classic French dish. It's made from zucchini slices, lemon juice, and Parmesan cheese.

Then, if you're looking for a meat dish to add to your burger, try this grilled honey balsamic portobello. The flavor is intense and rich. It goes well over burgers. For a simple grilled appetizer, you can grill some juicy chicken breast. And for a hearty dinner, you can grill a chicken thigh topped with spicy and tangy honey sauce.

Another option is a burger in a bowl. Served with healthy greens and vegetables, it's a healthy way to enjoy a burger. Whether you're eating paleo, low-carb, or vegan, there are plenty of options for you to grill. And don't forget the sauces! These can add the perfect finishing touch to your grilled food. They're also a great way to impress guests.

The grilled cranberry and peach skewers are a delicious side dish that's not only delicious but also healthy. These burgers are a great way to eat your favorite grilled fish while grilling. They're incredibly tasty and easy to make. There are also a number of summer grilling recipes for vegetables. The grilled cranberries are a refreshing treat for the palate.

The grilled tandoori chicken is a delicious option for vegetarians. It's a healthy, paleo-friendly way to prepare grilled chicken. This easy recipe uses ground turkey and is perfect with rice pilaf and a tangy herb salad. You can even add grilled corn and scallions for a vegetarian meal. You'll have an unforgettable summer grilling experience. And the best part is that you don't have to be a seasoned chef to enjoy these summer grilling recipes.

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