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Southern Grilled Bologna Sandwich



Are you full of baloney!!?? Well you might be after trying this recipe. I teamed up with Grillin’ Fool Tom at his grilling paradise to recreate a sandwich he was fond of while working in Mississippi (Southern for sure!) at a fabrication plant during his younger days (circa 1983). You see, everyday at lunchtime a traveling food vehicle came around, affectionately referred to as the roach coach, and a poor precursor to the modern food truck phenomenon, peddling inexpensive lunch items to the workers. The most popular item was a simple grilled bologna sandwich with cheese and mayo served on a burger style bun. It was cheap and it was good! Here are the items needed for our effort to take Tom back to this culinary delight from his younger years

Southern Grilled Bologna Sandwich Ingredients:
For the Sando:

3 1/2 inch thick old fashioned bologna slices. (Sub beef bolo if you wish but based on a previous cook in which we tasted both the good ole pork stuff was best in both flavor and texture in our opinion)

3 thick slices of colby cheese. (Why colby? It fit the bun!)

Vine ripened tomato, sliced

Butter lettuce

Fresh restaurant sized buns (we went with cornmeal dusted ‘cuz it’s sorta Southern)

Spray oil

Your favorite condiment(s). We used mustard however mayo was the original from the coach. We thought comeback sauce would work and be truly Southern.

For the Chips:

3 Idaho russet potatoes-they crisp up the best.

Frying oil

Your favorite BBQ rub OR salt (suggest you don’t do both together as most rubs already contain significant sodium)

Carve the baloney into 1/2 inch thick slices.

Don’t go thin here
One sliced slab down. You can almost hear it thud!
Wunderbar translates from German to Wonderful
Slice up the vine ripened tomatoes:

We highly recommend the vine ripened tomatoes
We decided to cook these bologna beasts on the newest addition to the Grillin’ Fools stable of grills, the Broilmaster Premium Grill:

Check out those cross-hatch grill marks! Tom replaced one of the burners with an optional infrared sear unit. One can also be added on the side table if desired:

Grill Marks!!
Pay attention when using the sear station. This can happen quickly.

This one became a sampler for the chefs. While it tasted great, it wasn’t pretty enough for a plated shot.
Once the baloney slices are seared and moved off the heat it was time to give the buns a quick, really quick, toast. Make sure to give the buns a quick spritz with some spray oil before toasting to keep them from burning and give a little better toast action:

That grill is huge!
Now for the “fixins”. That’s Southern ain’t it? Lettuce and cheese on the bottom so the juicy tomato doesn’t soak the bun:

This is the perfect basis for a wicked sando
How about those grill marks?! As an SCA certified judge I was prepared to give him high marks for appearance but I see he still has some practicing to do. I wonder what Marty Mayrose would think of that.

That’s pretty as a picture
The sando is great and needs an equally amazing side to accompany it. These fried potato slices are sooo much better than that tiny bag of chips from the roach coach. The mandoline was set to approximately 1/8 inch for the taters.

Time for the mandoline
And they’re sliced!

Only a mandoline can slice potatoes this perfect
After slicing, the taters were soaked in cold water for 20-30 minutes then drained and patted dry with paper towels prior to hitting the fryer.

Sliced potatoes rinsed and ready
Tom scored a used commercial fryer and installed it on his covered patio/deck cooking area. Gas is piped directly so there are no cans to kick around plus the thermostat regulates a steady temperature which makes for fabulous frying. Tom’s fish fries are wonderful with hush puppies, french fries, fish, and fried pepper rings (Oh yeah!)

Short order fry cook. Coming right up!
Fryer in action! Temp set to 350 and the taters are cooked until golden and crispy. Having two baskets is simply super because the chips disappear quickly!

Deep fried heaven
Season or salt the chips while hot. We used our favorite pork bbq rub.

Season while it’s hot!
Here’s the cook’s treat. Notice the divots in the bowl of seasoning? We dipped warm sample chips into the rub for an awesome kick of flavor. Testing one, two. Testing. More testing!

Skip seasoning the chips all at once with a sprinkle and dunk each chip one at a time for maximum rub application
Can you handle this bolo beast of a sammich??

This isn’t a wimpy sando
Bologna Basket to go!! Now we’ve come this far and I have to ask “Do you say baloney or bologna??” I’m guessing that if you say bologna you probably lift your pinky when you sip your beverage. Put me in the baloney crowd. Many of us grew up with fried baloney sandwiches but now the grill makes them even better.

That’s one sexy sammich
So how was this cook we always ask? First the chips, oh the chips, were extremely habit-forming. The sandwich? It was, of course, Wunderbar, as well as a blast from the past (and the South)

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or shoot me an email.

Save Print Southern Grilled Bologna Sandwich Author: Greg Thomas Recipe type: Sandwich Cuisine: Barbecue Prep time:  20 mins Cook time:  30 mins Total time:  50 mins   Southern grilled bologna sandwich with a side of deep fried potato chips Ingredients For the Sando: 3½ inch thick old fashioned bologna slices. (Sub beef bolo if you wish but based on a previous cook in which we tasted both the good ole pork stuff was best in both flavor and texture in our opinion) 3 thick slices of colby cheese. (Why colby? It fit the bun!) Garden tomato sliced Butter lettuce Fresh restaurant sized buns (we went with cornmeal dusted ‘cuz it’s sorta Southern) Spray oil Your favorite condiment(s). We used mustard however mayo was the original from the coach. We thought comeback sauce would work and be truly Southern. For the Chips: 3 Idaho russet potatoes-they crisp up the best. Frying oil Your favorite BBQ rub OR salt (suggest you don't do both together as most rubs already contain significant sodium) Instructions Sando Instructions Slice the bologna into three half inch thick slices Grill the slices to put cross hatch grill marks on each side Give the buns a quick spritz of the spray oil and toast quickly on the grill (don't walk away as these will brown quickly) Apply your favorite condiments and stack that sando Chips Instructions: Slice the potatoes ⅛ of an inch thick Soak the potato slices in water for 30 minutes then drain in a colander and pat dry Deep fry until the chips float and remove from the oil and season with salt OR your favorite BBQ rub (not both) Serve
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By: Greg Thomas
Title: Southern Grilled Bologna Sandwich
Sourced From:
Published Date: 01/21/21

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