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How to Make a Salt and Pepper Rub For Brisket



How to Make a Salt and Pepper Rub For Brisket

A simple salt and pepper rub for brisket should only require a few ingredients and can be made at home quickly. The first thing you need is a coarse grind for the pepper and salt. You can use kosher salt and coarse ground pepper. The latter is a bit coarser than fine but both will work well together. You should use a salt and a pepper mixture that is equal parts kosher and seasalt.

The first ingredient is pepper, which is essential for Texas-style brisket. You can grind pepper in a mortar and pestle, but you will have to experiment with the sizes. You should buy a paper mill or coffee grinder if you're making a large batch of spice blends. If you're cooking a brisket in a slow cooker, you can also invest in a Burr Mill. The Burr Mill will automatically grind spices to the right mesh size.

The second ingredient you need is green pepper. A green pepper is not ripe and is a younger pepper. It is milder than black pepper, which makes it perfect for a barbecue rub. You can buy whole peppercorns on Amazon, as they come in four-ounce bags. If you're preparing a large number of briskets, you can buy a large quantity of green peppercorns and store them in an airtight container for up to a year.

A salt and pepper rub is a basic, yet versatile flavoring. While many pit masters have different approaches to flavoring their briskets, Raichlen suggests that a newspaper-based rub is best. It contains white and black sugar, as well as red pepper flakes. It's an easy way to spice up your brisket without too much hassle. But remember, it is important to stir your burgers thoroughly and evenly.

A salt and pepper rub for brisket is best done after trimming the meat. You can use the same seasoning for both sides of the brisket. The main difference is the amount of each ingredient. For example, salt and pepper should be at the same proportion, so a whole peppercorn is used for each side of the ribs. This method is also the best for tenderizing a beef brisket.

A salt and pepper rub for a brisket should be applied to the entire rib. The salt adds flavor while retaining moisture. It's important to remember that the ratio of pepper and sand is 50/50. Then, rub the meat with the pepper and sprinkle it with a thin layer of the mustard. You'll see that the meat will be smoked until the bark is dark brown.

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