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How to Grill Charcoal Burgers



The best way to cook a juicy and delicious burger is to use a charcoal grill. The heat of the charcoal creates an uneven temperature and will cause your patty to puff and lose its juices. This can result in dry, overcooked Burgers. The heat from the coals may also contain carcinogens that can be harmful to your health. As a result, you should always check the internal temperature of your burgers with a meat thermometer.

When cooking burgers on a charcoal grill, you should avoid overmixing the meat. Overmixing the patty can result in toughness and an uneven flavor profile. It's also not necessary to place the burger directly in the fire – the grill will trap the heat and ensure even cooking. You can also move the burger around on the grill to ensure an even cooking. If you're a beginner, you should start with smaller burgers and work your way up.

When cooking burgers on a charcoal grill, the patties should be seared over the coals for about four to five minutes before adding the bun. During this time, you should keep pressing down on the burger to release its flavorful juices. You should also avoid flare-ups, which occur as a result of rendering fat. When the flames subside, you can move the grilled patty to the other side of the grate. Flipping your burger will seal in all the juices and leave it juicy.

Once the charcoal is hot enough, you can put the burgers on the grill. For this, make sure to close the lid after a few minutes. This will keep the heat in and help cook the burgers faster. In order to prevent the burgers from burning, check them every 30 seconds to see if they are done. If you don't notice the patty browning, it might be too early.

After the charcoal has reached a high temperature, you can start cooking the burgers. If you have a small charcoal grill, you need to use 30 briquettes. If you have a large charcoal grill, you can use 50 to 75 briquettes. In addition to using a lid, you should keep the vents open and turn the heat up to medium. Aside from a lid, you should also place a paper on top of the charcoal grill.

A charcoal grill should be able to achieve high heat without a lot of trouble. The best charcoal for cooking burgers is unfiltered and odorless. Despite the difference in heat, a charcoal grill will provide a higher heat than a gas one. But a charcoal grill should be cooled to allow the juices to escape. You should also keep the heat down if you want to prevent a smoky burger.

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