Grilling Tips

How to Cook a Burger on a Gas Grill | Tips & Techniques



Chef Tom fires up the Napoleon P500RSIB gas grill and shares some of his favorite tips & techniques for How to Cook a Burger on a Gas Grill! ► FULL RECIPE: (…) RECIPE COOKED ON: (…) SUBSCRIBE for NEW RECIPES every Tuesday + Friday: WATCH OUR FAVORITES NOW! ► CREEKSTONE FARMS BRISKET BLEND GROUND BEEF BURGER PUCKS:… ______________________________________________ * CHEF TOM’S TOP PICKS * BEST PELLET GRILL: BEST CHARCOAL GRILL: BEST GAS GRILL: KITCHEN TOOLS: GET THE GEAR: _______________________________________________ * FOLLOW US * FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @atbbq INSTAGRAM: @atbbq @cheftomjackson


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