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How to Smoke Chicken



In this tutorial, I take your hand and walk you through the process of butterflying a whole chicken, prepping it with my special rub/mayo mixture and then smoking the chicken to perfection. I used my Hasty Bake Legacy with lump charcoal and pecan wood for these smoked chickens but you can do this on any smoker whether it's a charcoal, electric, pellet smoker or even a grill.

The recipe card is below and be sure to watch the video as I demonstrate the entire process for you.


Note I did not go over the brining process in the video however, I will be doing that in a future video and when I do, I will add a link to that in the “how to smoke chicken video”.. For now, just follow the brining instructions below.

4-6 hours before you plan to prepare and smoke the chicken(s), make the brine by adding the cold water to a large container such as a tea pitcher. Add the coarse kosher salt and stir until the salt is dissolved and the water returns to clear. Stir in the brown sugar and the brine is ready to use.

Place the chicken in a glass or plastic container and pour the brine over the chicken to cover.

Place the container into the fridge for 4-6 hours while the chicken brines.

Once the brining process is finished, remove the chicken from the brine, rinse it under cold water and pat it dry with a paper towel. Discard the brine.

What is brining you ask?

Placing meat into a saltwater solution allows the salty water to aborb into the meat where it gets trapped between the strands. During cooking, moisture is always lost however, since it now has more water than it did naturally, it will end up being juicier.

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By: Jeff Phillips
Title: How to Smoke Chicken
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Published Date: 01/17/20

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Grilling Recipes

Grilled Chicken Dinner Ideas



If you want juicy chicken breasts, try one of these grill recipes for chicken breasts. Pound the chicken on the thicker side of the breast to a similar thickness as the thinner end, which will help the meat cook evenly. This method will work for bone-in chicken as well as bone-less. The pounded pieces of meat will release from the grill easily and will taste delicious. There are many different chicken grill recipes for this, but this is a basic one that will yield great results.

Before you start preparing the marinade, make three shallow slits across the top of the breast. This will help the marinade penetrate the meat. Combine olive oil, soy sauce, garlic powder, black pepper, and thyme. Brush the chicken breasts with the marinade and let rest for at least five minutes before carving. This will help the meat keep its juices and moisture. You can eat this delicious chicken straight from the grill, or you can prepare a double batch and freeze it for later use.

To make your chicken extra tasty, marinate it first. This will give the chicken extra flavor and keep it moist and juicy. You can also use flavored salsas and sauces to enhance the flavor of your chicken. Ensure that the meat is completely cooked through before adding any more marinade. You can also use fresh herbs and spices to give your chicken a unique taste. To make the marinade even more delicious, you can sprinkle some on top before grilling it.

Another easy and tasty chicken grill recipe is chicken under a brick, also known as pollo al mattone. This method consists of flattening a chicken and placing a weight on it. The flattening of the chicken will create a crispy skin and juicy meat. This is a delicious meal for summertime. This chicken grill recipe requires spatchcocking the bird before frying it. This will help ensure that the meat cooks evenly, preventing the breasts from drying out.

To cook the chicken, place it on the grill. Depending on its size and thickness, it takes about an hour to roast a whole chicken. The best results come from grilling a whole bird. You can also grill the legs of the chicken and use the juices for cooking spinach. When preparing the chicken, make sure that it is cooked all the way through. If it is too dry, you can add more water to the pan.

For yakitori, Yardbird uses skewers and marinade. It is grilled until the chicken reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. To cook the chicken breasts, remove them from the marinade and allow them to rest for at least 5 minutes. While the chicken breasts are resting, it is important to keep the grill lid open so that the juices can flow out. If you have to flip them during the cooking process, make sure you take the breasts off the grill after they have reached the desired temperature.

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Grilling Recipes

Grilled Vegetarian Grill Ideas



Grilled vegetarian recipes are not all about meat. You can also grill up some vegetables and fruits. If you're looking for some new ways to prepare these healthy meals, try a variety of grilled recipes. These healthy meals will impress your guests, and you'll even convince them to become vegetarian! These delicious vegetarian dishes can be prepared at home and will be a great way to make a healthier meal for your family.

Vegetables and tofu can be grilled as well. They don't require much more than salt and oil, so they're a great choice for summer cookouts. These recipes are perfect as side dishes or main dishes, and can be served with a side of roasted vegetables or fruit. To make a tasty veggie burger, follow the recipe linked below. Here are some additional vegetarian grilling recipes you can try.

Another easy vegetarian grill recipe is grilled corn salad. This colorful salad has a smoky flavor, which will remind you of Mexican street corn. For an extra kick, add some feta cheese and a handful of colourful vegetables. This meal is perfect for a summer cookout. There are also many options for scrumptious side dishes that are grilled. Whether you're planning a dinner party or a backyard barbecue, you'll have no problem finding a few great gastronomic ideas.

Vegetarian grilled recipes are the ideal way to add flavor to a meal without meat. There are many delicious recipes to choose from, including burgers and sandwiches. All of these dishes are filled with flavor and are sure to impress your guests. These dishes are healthy and filling, and everyone will enjoy them! You can even use a grill for sides and salads. And remember, there are dozens of ways to prepare these savory vegetarian dishes.

The most popular grilled vegetarian recipe is grilled tofu. This delicious dish is a healthy way to prepare a vegetarian dinner. It is packed with plant-based protein, and will convince your meat-loving friends to switch to a vegan diet. If you don't want to give up meat entirely, consider trying a grilled cheese sandwich. You can even top it with basil pesto and serve it as a side dish.

The benefits of grilled vegetables are numerous. They can be served year-round and are cheaper than meat-based meals. You can grill quinoa and tofu in a variety of different ways, depending on your taste. A grilled vegetable pizza is a tasty and filling vegetarian dish that can also be a great option for those who don't eat meat. It can also be made with a wide variety of flavors and spices, like smoky vegetables, tangy onions, or even a vegetarian burger.

Grilled zucchini sandwiches are a must-try for a summer barbecue party. These are quick and easy to prepare. You can use large Portabella mushrooms for a delicious vegetarian burger. The roasted vegetables make a perfect topping for the burger. The grilled mushrooms sandwich is a great addition to any vegetarian dinner. Using a seasoned breadcrumbs and avocados will make your veggie burger taste even more flavorful.

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Grilling Recipes

How to Prepare the Best Skewed Potatoes on the Grill Recipe



Grilled potatoes are a wonderful addition to any meal. They are surprisingly simple to make and go well with meat or fish. They are best served with sweet new potatoes, which are available now. They have thin skins and are very soft in the middle. Cook them in any quantity you want, from one or two cups to several pounds. They can be prepared in just a few minutes. This dish is perfect for parties, family gatherings, or just because you want a tasty side dish.

The best grilled potatoes are tender and moist. The juices of the roasting aromatics practically melt into the flesh, giving them an extra dose of flavor. When choosing your potatoes, try to select ones that are closest to the outer edges. This ensures that the edges are nicely charred. When wrapping them in foil, choose a potato that is fairly even in thickness so that they get even contact with the heat. In addition, the potatoes should be cut in a manner that allows them to reach the grill evenly.

To grill potatoes with a dry spice rub, prepare them first by parboiling them. Place potatoes in a large pot with salt. Boil them for 10 minutes, or until they are just tender but not overcooked. Once they are done, remove them from the refrigerator and skewer them. When you're ready to grill the potatoes, place them on a grill. The grilled potatoes should be golden brown and slightly charred.

Grilled potatoes are great with a side of chicken or fish. This delicious side dish is not difficult to make, but it can be tricky. However, once you've mastered the technique, it will be a piece of cake. Not only will they be tender but they will have a fantastic flavor. This makes them an excellent choice for a holiday dinner. A tasty dish to accompany a meal. You can also grill potatoes in the oven for a more authentic grilled potato recipe.

Grilled potatoes are easy to make and can be served with a variety of other foods. They go well with veggie burgers, portobello mushroom burgers, and BBQ jackfruit sandwiches. They are great as a side dish for a summer barbecue. You can also serve them with fruit salads, and desserts. These side dishes will make your guests feel pampered and give you a great taste!

Grilled potatoes are a quick and delicious side dish for a picnic or dinner with a loved one. These tasty potatoes can be skewered and brushed with olive oil mixed with rosemary. Then, they can be grilled on a grill pan for about twenty to thirty minutes until they are golden brown and tender. When preparing a picnic, you can skewer the potatoes for a unique twist.

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