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How to Sear and Bake Steak in the Oven



How to Sear and Bake Steak in the Oven

Before you start cooking the steak, it's important to know how long it should take to finish cooking it. There's no set time for this process, so you should cook the steak to your desired temperature. The length of time will depend on the size of the steak and the temperature of the oven. After this stage, the steak should rest for five to 10 minutes before you slice it. To serve the steak with butter, place it on a serving plate.

When preparing the steak, heat one US tbsp (15 mL) vegetable oil on medium-high heat. Pour the oil into an oven-safe pan. Let the oil get hot enough to lightly smoke and add the steak. Be sure to remove the meat from the pan just before it begins to burn. If you're using olive oil, you can also sear the steak with butter. However, butter starts smoking at a lower temperature than olive, so you should use it sparingly. Rub the steak with the oil before you cook it.

After the steak rests, you can begin cooking the steak. It's best to start it the night before. You'll save the time and effort by preparing the steak ahead of time. After you've seasoned it, you should place it in the refrigerator overnight to rest. It's better to start cooking it the night before so that it's at room temperature. After you've finished, you can finish the steak in the oven for a tender and juicy steak.

Before finishing the steak in the oven, make sure the outside crust is well-browned before you put it in the oven. Remember to sear the steak before putting it in the oven. It will seal the flavor and give it a restaurant-quality finish. Then, heat the oven to 400F. It will take about 30 minutes to complete the cooking process, depending on the size of the steak. The steak should rest for thirty to forty minutes.

The final step in finishing the steak in the oven is to make it medium-rare. This means it is done when the bottom of the steak is firm and the center has some pink. Then, it should be finished in the oven at 350 degrees. Ideally, the steak should be at 145degF internally. For a medium-rare cut, you'll need to broil the steak for between 19 and 21 minutes. Then, you can finish it by broiling it in the oven for an additional seven to ten minutes.

The final step in finishing the steak is to finish the process in the oven. The steak should be cooked to a temperature of 135-140 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooking time will depend on the thickness of the meat and its thickness. After the steak is finished, allow it to rest for a few minutes and then slice it across the grain. After completing the cooking, place it in the oven for the last 20 minutes to ensure a perfect finish.


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