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Top 10 Charcoal Grilling Tips for Beginners



I want to apologize in advance about the audio, my neighbor has a rusty whirly bird attic fan that you can hear whistling in the background.

I have been grilling using a charcoal weber grill since 2013 and in this video I share with you my top 10 Charcoal Grilling tips. I made this video to help out people that are new to charcoal grilling. There's a nice aroma and experience that comes from grilling on a charcoal grill versus a gas/propane grill.

When lighting the newspaper for the charcoal chimney, use about 1.5 to 2 full sheets. After you light one side of the newspaper, proceed to light the opposite side.

Safe Grilling Temperatures:
Beef – 145 F
Pork – 145 F
Poultry – 165 F

For some awesome recipes check out the BBQ Pit Boys

*Marinades – Thanks to those chiming in regarding the reuse of marinade. I just learned something new. You can reuse the marinade that came into contact with raw mean ONLY if you boil it. Boiling it kills the harmful bacteria. If you do this, use it the same day.

Some of my Favorite Marinades:
Lawry's Steak & Chop
Korean BBQ Beef Kalbi
Korean BBQ Chicken Pork Spicy

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Weber Charcoal Grill – 22 inch
Charcoal Chimney
Grill Brush
Extra Long Grill tongs
Weber Original Tongs
Instant Read Meat Thermometer
Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe


BBQ Chicken Thighs & Drumsticks

My Favorite Hot Dog

Pork Belly Tacos

Pork Carnitas on the Grill

Best Grilled Chicken Recipe

How to use charcoal Chimney

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BBQ Tips

Grilling Tips



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BBQ Tips

BBQ RIBS – Cooking Wit TIP



Hey y’all Today I made Some BBQ RIBS I hope y’all enjoy and IF Y’all want a meet and greet make sure y’all get me to 100k and my nieces them lexis and tipp to 10k I know y’all can do it
And if you haven’t seen it make sure you go on lexis and tipp page to see a soul food platter I whipped up Y’all


Instagram –


CASHAPP – $cookingwittip

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BBQ Tips

Best tips for cooking on a gas BBQ



This video features Richard Holden, one of the UKs foremost BBQ chefs, and Ian Hodgett, from The Barbecue Shop here in store talking about the best features of cooking on a gas barbecue. Both are passionate about BBQing and are experts so their invaluable tips will hopefully help you make the most of your BBQ and elevate your food from the usual burgers, sausages and kebabs. You can cook anything in your BBQ that you can cook in your kitchen, without making the house smell or having to clean out the oven.
All it takes is a bit of practice mastering the temperature but gas has the advantage over charcoal of being easily controllable. Flavorizor bars placed over the gas burners will give you that delicious BBQ smokiness when the fats drip onto them.
If you would like advice on any aspect of barbecuing just fill in the enquiries form on our webste or call the BBQ team in store on 015394 33434.

Follow the link to view the full range of BBQs, wood pellet grills and accessories available online; or visit The Barbecue Shop here in store for an even larger selection of accessories, rubs and sauces:

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