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Grilling The Perfect Jeff Ruby Steak With Britney Ruby Miller



Britney Ruby Miller, CEO of Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment demonstrates how to GRILL the perfect Jeff Ruby Steak. From prep to finish, enjoy these tips on making the most out of your grilling experience.

To purchase a Jeff Ruby Curbside Family Meal Kit, please visit

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BBQ Tips

Top 3 BBQ Tips and Techniques | 4k



Learn my Top 3 BBQ Tips and Techniques for producing the best BBQ. Improve the quality of your BBQ and Grilling overnight by learning, what took me over 48 years to learn 😁 Ideal for beginners and those wanting to take the next step. These 3 Tips will lift your BBQ’ing skills to the next level and are very simple and easy to learn.

Video Short Cuts
1:50 Tip No. 3 – Move from gas to solid fuel
5:00 Tip No. 2 – Learn how to BBQ using Direct and Indirect Heat
7:13 Tip No. 1 – Temperature is King. Cook to internal temperature, not time

Some of you probably won’t agree with my Tip No.3 because it goes against those that like to cook on gas BBQ’s but I’m not going to apologise for this. I thought long and hard about the 3 Tips and stand by each of them. These thoughts are about my journey and as such might not match some other people’s views and opinions but that’s ok, we can always agree to disagree. This video is more of an opinion piece than a recipe, so might be a little more devisive than some of my other videos but I’m happy with that 😁

Equipment Used

Weber Kettle –

Pit Barrel Cooker –

Weber Chimney starter –

Slow N Sear –

Stainless Charcoal Baskets –

BBQ Grill Gloves –

Vortex for the Weber –

Weber Kettle Cover –

Grill Grates for the Weber Kettle –

Inkbird IBT-4XS USA

Inkbird 4XS Australia

Weber iGrill 3 –

Tappecue Thermometer –

BBQ Guru Pit Temperature Control –

Thermapen 3 –

Thermapen 4 –


Panasonic Lumix GH5 Camera –

PANASONIC LUMIX 12-35MM 2.0 Lens –

MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Travel Tripod –

RodeLink FM Wireless Mic System –

Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro –

Check out my Amazon store for the things I use. The links don't cost you anything but I get a small commission, that helps me to buy my video gear. Thanks for the support 🙂

Hectors Smokehouse Amazon Shop

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Music by Joakim Karud

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BBQ Tips

Wereldkampioen geeft 5 BBQ-tips



De zomer laat ein-de-lijk zijn warme gezicht zien. En dat betekent maar één ding: barbecueën! Voordat je in de weer gaat met houtskool, aanmaakblokjes en spiritus, is het verstandig om eerst bovenstaand filmpje te bekijken.

Wereldkampioen BBQ-en en kersvers jurylid van het RTL-programma Grillmasters Jord Althuizen geeft 5 tips om van jouw avondje een gegarandeerd succes te maken.

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BBQ Tips

Duncan Oil Propane Summer Grilling Tips…



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