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BBQ Tips

Charcoal Grilling Tips Beginners Burgers Sausages



I made this video to show some tips I have learned after many failed grill attempts, with these few tips I have never had a bad time grilling, and it has become fool proof on time saving lighting the charcoal and also not burning the meats or vegies or fruit. Today we look at burgers and sausages in this part two video in the bbq series.
bbq grilling accessories
charcoal grill
bbq grill
butane lighter
chimney starter
cooking tongs
grilling spatula
heavy duty aluminum foil
dripping pans
bbq cleaning brush
grill grate cleaner brush
cleaning rags
seasoning injector
cooking thermometer
bbq gloves
pocket knife
grilling racks
grilling skewers
grilling woods
spray bottle
dry rub
bbq sauce

PART 1 Beginners guide

Charcoal Grill
Charcoal/ briquettes
Newspaper or Paper Towel or twigs or branches to light up charcoal
Paper Towel
3 or 4 Tablespoon of Cooking oil
Chimney Starter
Grilling tongs
Grill cleaning scrapper/brush ( or aluminum foil)
wood chunks or wood chips
Aluminum foil or butcher paper
bbq rub or follow recipe
and last ribs or meat that you will be smoking

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BBQ Tips

Thanksgiving Grilling



It is estimated that over 46 million turkeys will be cooked this Thanksgiving, spending hours in ovens across the country. But did you know it was possible to create a holiday feast using a grill? While thought of as more of a summertime appliance, grills and smokers create a delicious and juicy turkey sure to have your family members reaching for seconds.

Grilling expert Chef Jason. K Morse shares all there is to know about grilling your bird (and more!) this holiday season.

· If you’re looking for the best insurance policy for a tasty and juicy turkey, Brine is the way to go. This flavorful solution of herbs, spices, salt, sugar and aromatics work together to deliver an amazing main course

· When it comes to cooking the turkey, we suggest cooking it uncovered for the last 45min to 1 hour, this browns the skin and delivers an amazing visual to the aromas in your house.

· Looking to cook your entire meal on the grill? Why not use a cast iron skillet to create truly next level stuffing. It’s the best of both worlds with soft stuffing and crispy edges. This will make everyone happy

· Stop by your local Ace Hardware and shop the Big 3 Brands in Grilling. From Traeger to Weber to Big Green Egg, our team of helpful folks will help you find all the gear, gadgets and grills to pull off one epic ThanksGrilling

For more information and recipes, please visit:

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BBQ Tips

BARBECUE // 5 tips to improve your barbecue skills



Smoked wood and temp charts here —

If you apply these 5 tips barbecue will become much better at barbecue. Which tips would you like to share with us?

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BBQ gear that I use every day:
1. Chef's knife – (Germany) / (USA)
2. Cutting Board – (Germany) / (USA)
3. Barbecue tong – (German) / (USA)
4. Kitchen Torch – (Germany) / (USA)
5.Thermometer – (Germany) / (USA)

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BBQ Tips

Eating Well with BCPS – Summer Grilling Safety Tips



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